The Locksley School
Locksley Road


Tel: 01603 508520
Headteacher: Ms N. Dores

Assistant Headteacher: Ms C. Greengrass


Welcome to Locksley School. The site offers short stay provision for students in year 1 to year 11 and whilst here, we aim to invest in and value each individual to be resilient, respectful and reflective. This is underpinned by our vales of trust, positivity, self-belief, respect, passions and interests, courage, opportunities as well as personal and collaborative goals.

Staff and students work collaboratively in order to grow and develop the young people we educate by offering a nurturing, inclusive package that supports students to build resilience, learning behaviours and self-esteem, to help them to grow into young, mature individuals who are able to progress onto college, to another specialist provision or return to mainstream.

Locksley School has a strong, committed team who work collaboratively to ensure all students are on the right path. They have expertise and experience of knowing how to work with our young people and as a team, we further develop, listen to and do everything we can to ensure all students are positive, respectful, engaged and growing into well-round, secure individuals.

As Head of Locksley School, it is my job to ensure that what we offer is underpinned by the growth mind-set. Using this, we raise aspirations, support young people to dissect and understand different ways of approaching situations in order to be successful. We are bespoke and fluid in our approach recognising that individuals need their own package of support. We build learning spaces and communities where the students develop personal responsibility, feel empowered and cultivate the skills to be successful.

Natalie Dores – Head of School

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