The Compass School Pott Row

Compass opened in 2009 as a therapeutic and education service in Belton. There are now 3 Compass bases including Lingwood and Pott Row.

The centre offers high quality educational and therapeutic interventions to hard-to-reach young people who would otherwise be placed in residential schools, so irreversibly breaking their attachments to their families and local communities. The culture of this centre is inclusive and working on young peoples strengths using an integrated approach to education and therapy. Parents and carers are fully involved in the work and have easy access to the therapists and teachers alike.

The ethos of the centre is to engage young people and families who have previously found it difficult to access mainstream education and mental health services. There is funding for up to 30 full time pupils at any one time.

The Compass team includes teaching and therapeutic staff who work creatively to provide a flexible and individually tailored response to the needs of pupils in order to prepare them for reintegration into mainstream school.

The Compass provision is the culmination of many people’s work, growing from a shared vision that values young people’s education and therapeutic needs and their need to remain with their families. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing these young people actively engaged in education and therapy and showing us what they can achieve with quality multi agency services.

The Compass Centre has won a coveted Health and Social Care award for partnership working.