Short Stay School for Norfolk Alumni Quotes

This page is being updated with quotes from former Year 11 students celebrating the support they received from The Short Stay School for Norfolk


“Cornwall and college are both doing great thank you and to be honest I wouldn’t have done it without getting kicked out of mainstream school and coming to Douglas Bader.  It honestly charged my life for the better even when I was kicking off about stupid things or crying about exams. All of the teachers was so supportive and never gave up on me and couldn’t thank you all enough. I hope you are all doing amazing xx”          D

“At last someone was listening!  Before M went to a school with 2,000 pupils and I felt he was lost, labelled like a ‘bad’ boy!  Mainstream school does not suit everybody.  Initially I felt there was no way he was going to a short stay school as it would be unsuitable however M wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for Douglas Bader.”    M’s mum, Angela

“Douglas Bader changed my life! (for the better.) After getting kicked out of a few schools I went to Bader and it made realise so much! Life’s too short to ruin at such a young age! If it wasn’t for Bader I would probably be in a load more trouble in my adult life! I came out with grades I was chuffed with, all thanks to the love and support of these amazing teachers! I now have a house and animals with my girlfriend at the age of 20 which 4/5 years ago I would have said, no chance!”            K                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

“Because of the support and help from the teachers at Douglas Bader, I was able to leave with at least 5 GCSEs and get on to a level 3 Sports Diploma at college. Now I have completed college, I’m taking a gap year and will soon be attending university. This wouldn’t have happened without the patience and empathy that the teachers had with me at the school and I am extremely grateful for everything Douglas Bader has done for me.”                     S