In Photography pupils use light and lens based media to capture and create images. They look at the work of other photographers, artists, craftspeople and designers to inform their practice. Image manipulation is taught using Adobe Photoshop and pupils learn to alter and change their images.

Drawing is included in the portfolios as part of the recording, planning and refining process and final pieces are created from the developing ideas. Written elements of the coursework show how a pupil’s work relates to their chosen photographer or artist. Coursework is again portfolio based and this makes up 60% of the final marks.

In the spring term pupils choose a project from the themes offered on the AQA exam paper and create a personal project. They develop their ideas and produce final images within a ten hour period under exam conditions; this usually runs over two days. Written work is included as part of the analysis of other photographer’s work. 40% of the marks are awarded for the exam project.