PE is a subject which all pupils are expected  to participate in at the SSSfN and it has a growing profile. More sports are added each year with some bases able to offer over 30 different sports in an academic year.

These sports are tailored to meet the needs of the individual pupils ranging from team sports to individual sports and involving health education and fitness.

We now have a new assessment tool called Learning Ladders, which we use to show pupil progress in a some core sports. Pupils have their own exercise book, which captures their successes through marking grids, pictures, progress data and theory-based work. The assessed sports include:

American Football, Archery/Crossbow, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling/Curling, Boxing, Cricket, Dodgeball, Fitness, Football/Futsal, Goalball, Golf/Croquet, Handball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball, Pool, Rounders, Rugby, Table-tennis, Tennis, Ultimate Frisby and Volleyball

PE lessons are bespoke to pupil’s varied interests and needs. We are able to fashion lessons to maximise the engagement of pupils even those who may have been dis-engaged with sport for a long time previously.

PE has also become an intrinsic part of breaks and lunches. Pupils are given the opportunity to get involved with the sports on offer and this has helped to further enrich the school day. Display boards show the development that PE has been on as a subject and help to celebrate the amazing achievements that pupils have had.


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