Medical Needs and KSX.

The Medical Needs Service provides support for pupils who are ‘medically unfit to attend school’ as certified by a medical professional. Pupils are supported at home with work that is set and marked by the home school, aiming to keep a pupil’s learning up to date as far as possible with their peers’.

Pupils are supported back into school when well enough to manage a reintegration. Support is offered for a period of 12 weeks and reviewed at 6 weeks.

Schools submit referrals to the Medical Needs Coordinator at NCC.

KSX pupils are pupils who have been permanently excluded from a Special School or who have moved into Norfolk and were previously on roll with a Special School. Support is in place while another Specialist School placement is sought by the EHCP Coordinator, ensuring they have education during this wait.

KSX pupils are taught in the home on a one-to-one basis. They receive 12.5 hours with a tutor and 12 hours of E-Learning. Tutors also support E-Learning.

Referrals are submitted by EHCP Coordinators.

Nicky Butterworth
Assistant Head Medical Needs/KSX
Locksley School
Locksley Road

01603 508520