Across the bases of the SSSfN, Mathematics is made engaging and stimulating for the students, linking maths to realistic situations and problems.  Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving are key to ensuring our students make up lost ground and continue to succeed, achieving their full potential and ultimately gaining GCSE qualifications.

Bespoke Programs of Study are designed for each Key Stage.  Each Program of Study is tailored to the needs of each individual student, ensuring a unique learning experience, targeted at specific curriculum areas, using different teaching techniques.  Year7 students experience a higher proportion of Number and Algebra topics to prepare students for their return to mainstream education.  Year11 students will follow a tailored curriculum to enhance their GCSE potential, extending more able students whenever possible.

Students that find accessing mathematics more challenging are taught through cross-curricula and kinaesthetic activities. Many of these activities are individually planned with the students specific interests in mind.

Within the Mathematics department we aim to ensure that every student (whatever their mathematical ability) leaves the SSSfN with a Mathematics qualification.

Students are given the opportunity to achieve at:

  • Functional Skills Qualifications, progressing from Entry Level to Level 2.
  • GCSE (AQA) achieving Levels 9-1

As a team we aspire to give every student the best possible Mathematics outcome from their experience at SSSfN, allowing them to access the next step of their education or journey into training.