At Compass central we dont believe in just baking we believe in cooking.  On a weekly basis we cook nutritious meals together, testing textures, making sauces, and healthy alternatives to perhaps some less healthy fast food alternatives for us and our families.

This week we had the opportunity to participate in Food Revolution Day, we celebrated the importance of cooking good food from scratch and the impact that has on our health and happiness.  The campaign is led by renowned chef Jamie Oliver, to date, 74 countries have taken part and here at Compass Central we all participated in the making and eating of our wonderful Rainbow Salad Wraps.

We grated, we chopped, we tore the herbs, we mixed, we dressed and we filled our wraps………..

And finally we ate! We considered the different flavours we could taste, how healthy our wraps were and what alternative ingrediants we might use. Overall it was a wonderful morning enjoyed by all.