Compass Belton raised £50 from their ‘Christmas Jumper’ day for the Save the Children charity.

In our Spring 17 Parent/Carers questionnaire 99% of parent/carers said  that we kept their children safe. There were also lots of positive comments fed-back. These are a few of the comments :

‘If anything happens at the school somebody  is always there to help ‘

‘She  is doing really well and she done a lot better since she’s been with you.’

‘Definitely getting better.  Never been any help in any school but here people know he finds it hard and don’t ignore him or say they don’t have time

Never had opportunity to succeed before but in this school he’s happiest and getting the help he needs.  He was labelled at ‘normal school’ as naughty but he just didn’t understand.’

100% happy …..didn’t smile for a year at …. but he smiles and jokes every day now

“Thank you so much for going out of your way to try and help.  Nobody has done that for us before

Happy with everything …….seems very happy with school.

She is now working harder at those subjects she found difficult.

‘Thank you for all your support and nurturing environment
Happy with my sons progress and attitude in this school.  He seems to enjoy his time here and gets on with the teachers.  I’m happy with how the teachers are with my son and they always inform of positive (as well as negative) behaviour.  I’m happy that there is more positive to say about my son and the school.  Hoping this continues.

My child seem to be the happiest he been in a long time in school at present I think small group help….. learn more and concentrate more.

Can not praise the school highly enough, whenever an issue has been raised it is dealt with.

Happy with Whole service

My child  receives a bespoke and thoughtful approach to his education