Denise Anderson put a lot of effort into organising a speed interviewing event . Six business people gave their time to give the DBS Y11s a real life experience of being interviewed for a variety of job roles by different people. The pupils really enjoyed the experience & the only issue was sticking to the five minute ‘speed interviewing’ time limit as they wanted to keep talking.

John Cowan said “Excellent event still buzzing from the success of the of it”. ‘The event allowed students to gain experience and practice in answering questions similar to ones during an actual interview. The work ethic of the majority of the students was impressive and many are ready for apprenticeships or further Education this is a result of the hard work put in by both the students and staff at Douglas Bader School.’

Helen Mason said Dear Denise, Just a short note to say thanks you for the hospitality yesterday. The event I felt was really worthwhile and though the students had not prepared as well as we would have hoped(not without your hardest efforts!) the standard was much better than I was expecting. That said if they had prepared then wow they would have – in the main – been fantastic. I was still really impressed and it will be really interesting to see how much of our advice they take on board and further impress us at the mock interviews next month.

Kathrine Flint, I enjoyed yesterday and I hope the students got something out of it.

The new KS3 curriculum Enterprise Events which happened across all the bases this week has been very successful. I believe ‘profits’ have been made in excess of £50 plus. Congratulations to all students who took part.