IAG Provision

Information, Advice and Guidance

Due to the unique nature of the rolling cohort at SSSfN we have developed a bespoke package of support for our pupils regarding Post-16 options.  This aims to maximise the number of pupils who are in education, employment or training on leaving school regardless of their time of arrival. We have a designated IAG Lead who coordinates this work and is instrumental in the on-going development of our offer.

Pupils at the Short Stay School for Norfolk have the following opportunities for independent information, advice, and guidance:

Personalised intervention

  • During admission, the Reintegration Officer will discuss every pupil’s aims and ambitions for post-16 education.
  • All year 11 pupils will meet the IAG lead in the Autumn Term to help pupils to select and apply for courses through the Help You Choose website. Where pupils join us later in year 11 the IAG lead works with them to ensure a Post-16 placement is secured.
  • The Short Stay School will ensure that our pupils are aware of upcoming events at colleges and FE/AP placements in their area and where appropriate will transport and accompany them.
  • We encourage our pupils to have made their applications by Christmas. Our IAG lead will target intervention at those pupils who have not applied or who are finding it difficult to choose.
  • The Short Stay School will endeavour to introduce IAG interviews for all pupils from year 8 upwards.
  • During morning tutor lessons, pupils receive advice and guidance on local colleges and making applications within the local labour market.
  • The Short Stay School advertises local college and sixth form open events and where appropriate transports and accompanies them.
  • We host a range of mock interview experiences for all pupils early in year 11 to provide our pupils with a meaningful encounter with an employer.

SSSFN’s 2019-20 IAG calendar is available here

Data 2016/17 Year 11 Cohort

Local Authority Risk of NEET Indicator (2016/17) identified 92.3% of the SSSfN Year 11 cohort as being at risk of NEET with 73.1% of pupils placed in the highest risk category.

Local Authority Post-16 destination information (Nov 2017) confirmed that 73.2% had sustained placements in education, employment and training with a further 6% unavailable for EET due to illness/ carer roles resulting in an overall NEET figure of 20.8%.

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