15 Hooper Lane

Tel: 01603 542078
Email: contact-hooper-lane@sssfn.org.uk
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C. West

Hello, I’d like to welcome you to Hooper Lane School where our ethos is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where children are happy, healthy, confident and above all safe. Every individual in our school is valued and staff work hard to encourage positive relationships by caring, listening and having fun through learning. We understand that our pupils will have challenges but we expect them to have respect for themselves, others around them and their environment.

We also expect that they engage purposefully with their learning so that they can become independent young people, who are prepared and motivated for future education. I hope you find lots of useful information here but if you have any questions you cannot find the answer to, please telephone our office or email the school and we will be happy to speak to you.

Claire West – Base Lead, Assistant Head 

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