Headteachers Welcome

We provide a high quality education for pupils in Year Groups Reception to Year 11 (age 5 to 16) who have no mainstream school place. We have a number of sites spread across the county in order to ensure good local services for the schools and communities we serve. Across all our bases our pupils are at the centre of everything we do. We believe that every child is capable of great things and that each individual has the right to an excellent education.

The Short Stay School has a number of key functions. Primarily we provide education and support for young people who have been permanently excluded from school. The needs and profile of these young people vary tremendously but for all our pupils our role is to prepare each individual for the next step on their educational journey and to support them in making this a successful transition.

The SSSfN is also an educational base for Children who are Missing Education. We provide education for children in Norfolk who are without a permanent school place until such time as their school place can be finalised. In this role we cater for a diverse population that includes those who are new to the county/ country as well as those with significant learning difficulties awaiting more specialist provision. In addition, we provide education and support for young people in Norfolk who are unable to attend school due to their medical needs. Again this is a wide and varied field that encompasses those with both physical and emotional ill health.

Finally, by working in partnership with the NHS and Childhood First our specialist bases provide a high quality, tailored education for identified pupils requiring longer term provision at the SSSfN. As we hope you can tell our provision is very wide ranging so we encourage you to spend some time reviewing the different sections of our website to get a full understanding of the different parts of the Short Stay School for Norfolk. We were very proud to receive our latest OFSTED report that rated us Good in all areas.

Kind regards,
Katrina Warren – Director of Specialist Provision

Rachel Thornberry – Principal of Specialist Provision