Compass Lingwood
Pond Site

School Lane
NR13 4TJ

Tel: 01603 717117
Assistant Headteacher: Miss S. Jackson

At Compass Lingwood we are committed to making a difference to every young person who joins our school. We provide specialist support for all of our pupils within a safe and secure environment. We are a caring and compassionate school – our primary aim being for all our pupils to thrive and prosper after what has often been a challenging and sometimes traumatic start to their lives.

Our school provides a unique opportunity to provide for both the educational and mental health needs of our pupils in one setting.

All of our pupils are assessed on entry, with a highly personalised package of education and therapeutic support provided accordingly. Progress is reviewed on a regular basis and overseen by a highly skilled team of education and therapy staff.

Many of our pupils have missed key areas in both developmental and educational support. At Compass Lingwood we seek to narrow those gaps and offer experiential opportunities within a highly supported environment.

We also provide routes to access additional support services to augment the wider system around each child.

Ultimately, we have high expectations of all involved in our Compass School and take great pride in both the unique educational provision that we offer and the value our pupils gain from being part of our community.’

Samantha Jackson
Compass Lead/ Assistant Head Teacher

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