As an Alternative Provision Academy our admissions arrangements are different from a standard school or academy. Placements at the Short Stay School are available in the following situations

Permanently Excluded Students

All students between Year 1 and Year 11 who are resident in Norfolk will be admitted to the Short Stay School if they are permanently excluded where capacity allows.

Referral pack for schools available here: Referral Pack for Schools

Children Missing Education

Any Child Missing Education will be admitted to the Short Stay School upon receipt of a completed Referral from the NCC Admissions Team or (in the case of young people who hold as Statement of SEN or EHCP) from the relevant Additional Needs Co-ordinator. Referrals are not accepted from other parties.

Other Commissioned Placements

Other young people may be admitted to the Short Stay School subject to consent from Parents and the appropriate funding body.

Medical Needs

Some students with medical needs receive their provision from the Short Stay School but remain on roll with their original school and so are not admitted to the SSSFN.

For details of Admissions arrangements for excluded children and those who are CME please visit Norfolk school admissions.

referral pack for schools