The Earthsea School

Earthsea is one of two specialist facilities within the SSSfN (the other being Compass) which cater for specific needs among our cohort of young people.

Earthsea is a Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 environment designed to be medium term rather than the short term provision offered by the four main constituent schools of the SSSfN. Earthsea students usually stay until the end of their current key stage as they are deemed to need longer term stable provision before being able to transition into their next school.

Earthsea school also has a unique partnership arrangement with the Earthsea House therapeutic community which is based next door. Earthsea House is a care home and therapeutic environment for primary age young people. Children placed within the care of Earthsea house who are unable to attend a mainstream school automatically gain a place at the Earthsea School. There is close liaison between Earthsea School and Earthsea House to provide a safe and caring environment for young people who have often been the victims of severe childhood trauma.

In addition to the children from Earthsea House, the school also caters for day pupils who usually transfer from other SSSfN bases. These students have been judged to need the longer term input provided by Earthsea school.

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Below is a sample of Earthsea’ s achievements

Earthsea Achievements March 2019