Managed Moves

Primary Phase

Within the primary phase managed moves can be organised through the local Primary Team. They should be contacted on the helpline to discuss the possibilities.

Secondary Schools

The managed moves protocol is a county wide policy which sets out the circumstances and procedures for the completion of a managed move at secondary level. This guidance should be read in conjunction with the formal protocol.

Key Principles of a Managed Move

Managed Moves are EARLY INTERVENTION and are suitable for young people whose behavioural issues are emerging rather than fully developed.

Typically a young person undergoing a Managed Move would fulfil some of the following criteria:

  • Displays persistent disruptive behaviour
  • Has had one or more short fixed term exclusions or equivalent – but has not progressed to longer exclusions.
  • Has engaged with a range of school based interventions but has been unsuccessful.
  • Has begun a Pastoral Support Plan

The Process

A school can request a managed move from the SSSfN at any time, but this must be done with the consent and agreement of the young person and parent/carer.

When the SSSfN receives a referral for a Managed Move the local SSSFN Admissions and Reintegration’s officer will attend a meeting at the school to look at the suitability of the young person for the move. This will include completing a risk assessment.

The final decision on whether a Managed Move is suitable lies with the Short Stay School.

If the move is considered a suitable option the Admissions and Reintegration’s officer will then find a suitable local school where they feel the young person has the most opportunity to be successful.

A meeting is then held between the schools involved and the young person and family to agree the move. This meeting outlines the practical elements of the move as well as the success criteria.

Upon everyone agreeing to the terms of the move the young person will commence a 4 week trial at the new school.

During the four week trial the young person is dual registered between the two mainstream schools. At no point is the child registered on roll at the SSSFN.

Upon successful completion of the trial the child transfers fully to the roll of the receiving school. Should the trial be unsuccessful the child returns to the roll and responsibility of the original school.

Managed Moves operate under the legal framework of the Fair Access Protocol and ALL Schools and Academies (including Free Schools) are required to participate. Only those moves which have been organised and agreed by the SSSFN are legitimate and arrangements or alterations to the agreements brokered by the SSSFN which are made independently by schools or other bodies are not legally binding and should be avoided.

Please note that this is a general description of the process and further detailed advice and guidance is available from your local SSSFN through the Admissions and Reintegrations’ officers.


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