What our Parents Say

The Short Stay School often meets parents and carers for the first time soon after a traumatic event has led to their child being permanently excluded from a previous school. Our young people have often had very turbulent school histories and their families have sometimes struggled to maintain good relationships with previous education providers. Therefore we are always really pleased with the amount of positive feedback we get from the parents/carers of our young people and we do an annual parental survey to try and capture this.

Every Autumn we proactively seek out the views of our current parents/carers to try and learn about the impact of our provision on the home lives of our students, and to seek to improve the service we offer.

Parental Feedback from Autumn 2016

Questions  SSSFN
Yes No
1 My child Enjoys School 81% 19%
2 The school keeps my child safe 99% 1%
3 My child is making progress at this school 91% 9%
4 The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle 91% 9%
5 The school informs me about my child’s progress 94% 6%
6 The school expects my child to work hard and do his or her best 97% 3%
7 The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future 91% 9%
8 There is a good range of activities for my child to take part in 96% 4%
9 The school treats my child fairly and with respect 93% 7%
10 The school meets my child’s particular needs 87% 13%
11 The school provides specialist support for my child’s particular needs 87% 13%
12  The school informs me how specialist provision is helping my child to progress 84% 16%
13 The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour 92% 8%
14 The school has appropriate procedures for dealing with complaints 91% 9%
15 The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns 94% 6%
16 The school is led and managed effectively 94% 6%
17 Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school 92% 8%
Yes includes the responses “strongly agree” and “agree”; No includes the responses “Disagree” and Strongly disagree”

As you can see from our last Parental Survey :

99% of parents felt their child was safe at school
93% said they felt the school treated their child with fairly and with respect
91% of parents said their child was making progress at our school
97% said that the school expects their child to work hard
92% of parents felt the school deal effectively with bad behaviour
94% of parents agreed that the school was well led and managed
92% of parents said that overall they were happy with their child’s experience of school

We think this is an amazing achievement and a great testimony to the success of our school.