PSHE is at the heart of everything we do at the SSSfN and extends far beyond the remit of our PSHE curriculum. Staff work with pupils everyday both formally and informally to ensure that each individual is given the tools they need able to make choices that keep them safe.

KS3 The curriculum is based around the PSHE association programmes of study.

All students in years 7 – 9 have two lessons a week.

Progress is monitored through learning ladders



Curriculum specification: AQA Award and Certification in PSE. Entry level 3 to level 2

Students cover 7 topics to gain a certificate and 4 to gain an award.


Unit 1: Personal Action Planning

Unit 2: Drugs Education

Unit 3: Sex and Relationship Education

Unit 4: Personal Finance

Unit 5: Emotional Wellbeing

Unit 6: Healthy Lifestyles

Unit 7: Making Informed Career Choices

Unit 8: Applying for Jobs and Courses

Unit 9: Relationships, Behaviour and Practices in the Workplace

Unit 10: Personal Safety

Unit 11: Being a Critical Consumer

Unit 12: Introduction to Diversity, Prejudice and Discrimination


Moderation takes place throughout the year and a portfolio is submitted when all work meets the criteria to pass the specified qualification.

Throughout the year students will work with outside agencies.

Matthew project – Drug and relationships

Local police

New Anglian enterprise advisors and external apprentice schemes.

Young minds

Rose project