KS3 History

Following the national curriculum, students study a topic per half term.


Autumn 1

Sect – Sources and evidence

Chronology and time

Centuries AD and BC

Primary and Secondary sources.

History detective project about the Titanic.

Autumn 2

1066 The Norman Conquest

Medieval life

Spring 1 Black Death
Spring 2 Movement of peoples
Summer 1 Slave Trade
Summer 2 Holocaust

Students learn through a variety of activities using original sources, a range of investigative skills.

Where possible students will visit local areas of historical interest.


KS4 History Edexcel GCSE in History.

Year 10 – 2 year course.

Year 11- 1 year course.


Students will study:

The American West

1065 – 1089  The Norman conquest

Warfare through the ages.

London and the blitz

Weimar Germany  1919 – 1934


Students work using a range of interpretive skills, use of sources and answering essay style questions.

Assessment: 2 end of year exams graded 1 – 9