Core Food Lessons


  • To provide all students with a knowledge and understanding of nutrition and healthy living
  • To develop self-sufficiency and social skills associated with food and the opportunities it facilitates

The majority of the curriculum encourages students to look at basic nutrition – what the ‘eat well plate’ looks like and how this can be achieved. Students will learn all of the basic technical skills required to produce a meal and have the opportunity to make and learn about food from around the world, increasing and enhancing their current knowledge.

Food lessons can develop a number of social skills including; different types of communication, managing money (costings of meals and how to buy ingredients wisely), building a rapport with other students / staff and building self-confidence.

Cross-curricular links

Cooking can help students learn and practice some basic Maths concepts and build language skills. English literacy is embedded when reading and designing recipes, as well as introducing new words to vocabulary. Following steps in the recipe can work on speaking and listening skills when working in small groups.